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   HMG Fallen Sword Buffs

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 Hansmguy’s Skill Buffs & Auctions


Shop - HansMguy’s Skill Buffs Boutique


Selling Skill Buffs - All 100% Sustain – Prices in Gold.

1) If you want something, please message me in Fallen Sword (FS) game.  Please do NOT post requests here (in the forum) (or in Guild Chat).  Those requests will most likely be overlooked.
2) Check to see if I am On-line first.  Check my Hansmguy Profile to verify my Last Activity; I may be away from keyboard (AFK).

3) Send your buff request first, before sending Gold or Fallen Sword Points (FSPs).  If I am currently using Doubler, Animal Magnetism, Conserve, Wither or other Creature Killing Leveling Buffs, I am probably leveling.  Please give me a few minutes to review my FS in game messages.

Creature Killing Leveling Buffs

Level 145
Dark Curse_______25K (Very useful, killing creatures above level 140)

(None at the moment)

Level 145
Adept Learner____15K
Treasure Hunter___20K
Animal Magnetism__40K

Level 100
Doubler (3x)______20K

All buffs for 150K gold or 2 FSPs.

Buffs are free to Guild Mates and Personal Allies.  Those who buff me will receive free buffs.  Guild Allies and Previous Guild Mates, please request / suggest a discount price (maybe 50% off?).


Shop - HansMguy’s No Nun-sense Imelda Marcos Boutique

I have quite a few items in the Auction House (AH).  If you see something that you desire, contact me; my alter boy will send.

I have over 40 AH items running.  If you message me in FS game concerning AH item(s), please specify which items.  i.e. Name, Condition, Hell Forged (HF) level, (Min/Buy Now) prices, Time Left.

The minimum bid within the (Min/Buy Now) auction price will NOT be negotiated.  If the item is in EXCELLENT or PERFECT condition; CRAFTED; or HELL FORGED, that is the amount of FSPs (not including the amount of GOLD) that I have already invested.  No one is in the game to loose money. *smile*

Check out my current auctions here!

Please keep receipts in a safe place.  90 day Factory Guarantee. *smile*


Other Useful Leveling Links


Equipment Guide by XeononyX (updated up to level 75).

Item Set List (updated up to level 159).




Feel free to bookmark this webpage: Hansmguy’s Skill Buffs & Auctions and return often.  Our plan is to add more information (as time permits).

Happy Hunting, HansMguy,


I have harvested many of the above links from the Official Forums and guild chat discussions. Thank you to all the contributors. *smile*

 Should you have questions or comments regarding this web site, please contact us via the HansMguy,



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