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HMG WG Wild Georges
HMG WG Arnhem Pigeon Georges
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Personal Statistics

Some things to track, while I wait for my hits to roll in (smile).


Hit Map & Hits by State

The Few States that I have hits in

CO =  Chronological Order of Hits

Hits by State - Map
(Please click on map to view my other maps.)


Number of Hits State Color
No Hits    
Less than 2    
2 to 10    
11 to 50    
51 to 200    
201 or more    

The above map was generated by a program, generously provided by Bruce.

Most Recent Updated Map

End of Month

This is a static snapshot, that is manually updated at the end of the Month - unlike the dynamic update that you would see under "Your Bills" at Where's George.  This gives the new Georger a gage, that indicates how long it took me to receive hits.

Breakdown by Month-End Stats


This is a dynamic snapshot, that you would see under "Your Bills" at Where's George.

HMG WG Current Month End

Wild Georges

Pigeon Georges

Pigeon George is a term that I coined.  ‘Pigeon George’ – is 1) George that I enter at home and take to a location where I do not have a hit or 2) George that I enter and spend at a location where I do not have a hit.  The George returns home for its first hit.

Arnhem Pigeon Georges

Aruba / Miami Pigeon Georges

Traditional Counter

Free counters provided by .

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