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Fallen Sword (RPG) WG Guild


Fallen Sword - Addictive Role Playing Game.

Purpose of this page:

  • Originally, to centrally locate notes and web page links that I often use while playing Fallen Sword (RPG), in order that I can play remotely, away from my home computer.

  • Later, to list references (strategy, tips, and hints) for our new WG Stampers Guild Members.


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Fallen Sword plug-in for Firefox (kapsi) & Mozilla's Firefox Stats Calculator by Rubicksman
Warriors Guild onemanmob FS Page
  JMLE FS References


Introduction: Welcome fellow WG Stampers Guild Mates.  Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is HansMguy.  I will serve as your Guild Boot Camp Instructor.  Because most WG Stampers Guild Mates are from, you probably already know each other well.  So, grab your favorite beverage, and let us begin.


Strategies, Hints,& Tips

Strategy: The secret to Fallen Sword is Leveling Up as quickly as possible.

  • Experience Level - The quicker you increase your experience level, the quicker you will level up.  The following should be observed to quickly increase your experience level.

    • Win Battles - with each won battle, you gain experience (XP) as well as Gold Pieces (GPs).

      • vs. Creatures

      • vs. Human Players


        I only engage in human player vs. Player (PvP) battles to increase my PvP level required for certain quests.
        In an attempt to avoid retaliation, I send lost gold back to that player, along with a explanation message.

      • Of course, when you lose battles, you will loose experience and GPs.

    • Stamina Management - Each attack and move to a new location consumes stamina.

      • Attack multiple creatures on the same square.

      • Attack creatures in locations where (and at times when) there are less human players.

      • Review quests above current level.  One may be able to secure required items before starting quests (eliminating back-tracking and wasting stamina).

    • Character Statistics - The better your character statistics, the better your chance of winning battles.

      • Certain Skills / Buffs - i.e. Adept Learner (AL)  will increase your experience gained & Doubler (DBL) consumes 2x stamina usage in combat in return for 2x GPs / XP.   Concentrate on Attack and Damage.


        Applied to yourself (once you reach Level 25 (L25) and/or


        Applied to you by a elder guild mate (who is already at L25 or above).

      • Guild structures will also increase your character statistics.

    • Choose / upgrade better items, weapons, clothing, & accessories, including higher level, Crafted, Hell Forged, & Blacksmith repairs.  You can exchange items with other guild mates via the Guild Stores or send directly via your character profile.  Guild upgrades, structures, and relics will increase character statistics as well.

    • Currency Management - Fallen Sword Points (FPS) and Gold Pieces (GPs) are used to upgrade characters, items, and guild structures.  You can increase your FPS and GPs by visiting the Auction House (AH) and selling off older items, joining player bounties, winning lotteries, and trading in the Marketplace.  You can increase FPS by visiting the Upgrade section to purchase FPS, refer others to this game, and visit other site which will exchange FPS for time and/or services rendered.

    • When you level up, you will be granted level points and skill points to apply where you see fit.

    • Relics - At the end of on-line sessions, review maps and rest on our captured guild relic to add to defenses to repel other guild attacks (or capture your own relic).

    • Making Most of Stamina and Leveling Quickly and How to rise fast and furious.


Skill Allocations:

Adept Learner, Enchanted Weapon, Enchanted Armor
Concentrate the first 25 skill points (levels 1 – 5) in any one discipline.  Then save and spend the next 100 skill points (Levels 6 to 25) on L1+ Adept Learner.  After which, it is suggested that you the spend next 100 skill points on either L25+ Enchant Weapon and/or L75+ Enchanted Armor.  Again, the game is about leveling quickly.  Before Level 140, It is good to have: Adept Learner, Librarian, Treasure Hunter, and Merchant.  Above level 140 the creatures get harder to kill; You want Rage, Fury, Berserk, Enchant Weapon, and Enchanted Armor.  At level 150, Dark Curse is good.  At Level 200, look for Doubler and Animal Magnetism.  Of course, you can not get them all.  You will have to ask for buffs from other guild members and/or purchase them, when going leveling.
Details: Fallen Sword Web Based RPG Guide

Buffers' Profiles (which will assist with skill buffs):

Alecterum Buff Page blueblah Clearwitch darkpig Ehrill egoknot
gerbilman HonesTBoB IceDNX mesamis Rubicksman sigiloso
skylock Sortex WhatYouSay      
Free buffs from outside the guild Some Doubler Sellers Value Buffers    

Allies' Profiles:

Beloved Former Guild Mates:

DOA4LIFE ElphabaTrp lipservice megan750 silkykitty WGTwins

Those who have assisted:

amnesia69 azureskye butgoo Dargonox LordDragon NothingElf
p00dinger SurferGirl tsyeon Elite Locations      


Enemies' Profiles:

Placed a bounty on me



Did NOT return Gold to me after they PvP defeated me




Attack, Damage, Armor

You %   Enemy
Attack .2 > Defense
Damage .2 > Armor + Hit Point (HP)
Armor .3 > Damage
Stats Ratio: Damage:Attack = 2:1 or 3:1
Details: How to plan your equipment - a guide



Elite Hunting:

  • When: Late weekday evenings and early weekday mornings, there are less human players on the server, thus less competition to locate and slaughter Elites.

  • Equip yourself with the best weapons (weapon sets and/or weapons with  high attack values).

  • Right before Battle:

    • Repair weapons.

    • Check for an open Guild Store slot (to temporarily store booty).

    • Check for an open Backpack slot (to store booty).

    • Create an Attack Group.

    • Check that the attack group (minimum of 2 other guild mates):

      •  includes higher level guild mate(s); you will reap the rewards of their bonus statistics.

      •  if not, make sure that the attack group is full with other guild mates.

  • Attack and defeat the Elite using attack group.


Elite Creatures & Quests:

To gain creature drops:

L12 Krul Beach Forest East Map Diagram / map coordinates: 22,2  18,2  2,13,  3,15,  2,22,  7,21 to battle L12 Eribor (Elite)
 in L14 Krul Small Cave.

L28 Udan Forest / map coordinates: 7,5  5,10  11,7  12,23  19,23  12,6 to battle L30 Corrupt Elf (Elite) in L30 Elven Hideout and 26,3 L30 Girath the Terrible (Elite) in L28 Girath's Den.

L34 Forgotten Forest East - Tree Golem (Elite) usually spawns every 15 minutes near various quest locations.


Web Tools:

Mozilla's Firefox is light years faster than MS Internet Explorer (MS IE).  Fallen Sword plug-in for Firefox (kapsi) allowed me to clear a 7 x 7 Realm in under 10 minutes / compared to MS IE which may have taken over an hour.  Plus, I prefer the browser tabs.



So when you bored out of your mind and have no more Fallen Sword (FS) stamina to attack:

  • Feel free to read some of the information contained in this page's links.

  • If you could not find your answers (using the search / find function), feel free to ask other helpful guild mates questions:

Feel free to bookmark this webpage: Fallen Sword (RPG) WG Guild and return often.  Our plan is to add more information (as time permits).

Happy Hunting, HansMguy,


I have harvested many of the above links from the Official Forums and guild chat discussions. Thank you to all the contributors. *smile*

 Should you have questions or comments regarding this web site, please contact us via the Feedback Form.

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