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I previously, but no longer, participate in the following fantasy games:
1) They are no longer offered or
2) They require a team update each week - which conflicted with my vacations *laugh*

Miller Lite Virtual Racing League  Your race TEAM consists of a CAR, DRIVER, and CREW CHIEF (which includes a PIT CREW).  As an owner, it's your job to figure out how to make these three ingredients work together in harmony.  This is not NASCAR; but it is pretty interesting. [Limit one entry per e-mail address.]
['My favorite, thus far' - HMG,    'I'm addicted' --- Colleen - AZ]
[Lock times: Practice & Qualify - Monday 04:00 EST - Saturday 02:59 EST
                   Happy Hour          - Saturday 03:01 EST - Sunday 02:59 EST
                   Race                     - Sunday 02:59 EST]
[Currently there is a problem with joining the www.wheresgeorge group on your own.  It requires an invitation from a member.  If you want to join, send me your e-mail address, and I will invite you via an e-mail request.]

Fantasy Racing 2001  Start your engines!  The drivers have taken their warm-up laps and the 2001 Fantasy Racing season is underway! Sign up and build your team.  [five-man driving team - $1,000,000 salary cap.   Teams will not carry over from week to week]  [Lock time: 12:00 Noon EST on Race day]

Citgo Supergard Online 500 is a game of skill. The winners will be determined based on their knowledge of the cars, driving teams and point system of the NASCAR Winston Cup Series. The objective of the game is to accumulate the most combined team points and bonus points for each game session.  [You cannot pick the same car twice in one session.]  [Lock time: Session Entries will be accepted from 00:01 EST Feb. 18, 2001 to 00:00 EST Apr 29, 2001.  Four sessions - Team entries will not be accepted after 00:01 EST on the first race day of each session.]

Bud NASCAR Racing League  Pick and Rank Your Top 15 Drivers!  Each week you play, you'll be given a list of likely drivers and asked to predict the top 15 finishing order for the upcoming NASCAR Winston Cup race.  [group code: wg]  [Lock time:  20:00 EST on the day prior to the scheduled race.]

NASCAR.COM Fantasy Games - various games here:

Dash For The Cash

Fantasy Cap Challenge



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