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What's Old?

08/26/02 - HMG profile update

Well, I finally updated my profile.  Damn, this took longer than I had thought.  I'm moved the data from Netscape Composer over to MS FrontPage.  My main goal was to have a more common theme and easier navigation.  It also also streamlined future publishing.  Some tasks are completed.

I have tackled the following tasks:

Does it look better... the theme, the navigational flow?  Or am I just wasting my time?  Any comments (other than.. "Hey, Hans… 'xyz' link is broken, how could you publish a broken page?") are appreciated.  I'll fix those bad links next week. *roll eyes* (I hope).

Who knows if I will keep these pages here at Lycos – Tripod?  I still haven't found a free web-host that supports MS FrontPage 2002 Extensions and subwebs.  I may exceed my disk quota and have to break the webpages into separate pages.  Who knows? 

Thanks for reading… Like you really care? *laugh*
Take Care & Happy Georgering!
HMG in MAss,

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