WG Gathering - Picasso Pizza - 10-18-03


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WG Gathering - Picasso Pizza - 10-18-03

Georgers and Georgettes (from left to right – with no respect to row depth): John of Lower Merion, E=Mc˛, Art, dudcat, JasonKY in MA, =^=ROY=^=, StayFloopy, CMGeorger, Ava, Artsygal, HMG (me), Skibibbles, Colleen S, Brieanne, Aurora, XineGirl, Scott From Philly, JT From MD, Say Goodnight Gracie, jay e. lynch, & Casey.

 Biagio took the above photo with JasonKY in MA 's camera.

Not pictured: Mrs. Skibibbles & Joanne



Pino the pizza man & Biagio

Other Georgers who I have had the good fortune to have met

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