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Inspirations, Credits, and other Cool WG Links


Who I Am Indebted to

I found my first Where's George bill at Smithwicks Bar & Tavern.  
This is a Great Web Site on the net, Money Tracking, and my inspiration to design my first personal web page. Hank
Fogette inspired me to design my personal web page profile.  Fogette's profile ROCKS!  She recently learned HTML (when I first wrote this).  I thought that I could do the same.  *smile*  Her profile has great links and threads. Fogette (Team AQUA)
This is where I first learned HTML web page design. Michele 
This has excellent HTML information How-to Instructions Oh, and if you go into your Browser 'View/Source' you can investigate how others have designed their pages. *smile* John E., Mike R, & Wer Immer


Amazon Link... post.
Other FAQs - no bill history (paraphrased) public forum link.  Profile also contains the 50 State Bingo List. AZ Richard
Scanned bill image and custom stamp. Colleen S & ChuckB
Techniques for Spending Bills - Dating 'Notes' - Profile also contains a very nice George Score Table and BEP Monthly Production Tables (with Signatures and Features of Current Currency). Excelsior
Map that I had previously used before I used the FOG (Friend's of George Map)  (Thanks Joe). Joe
Techniques for Marking Bills. Jim the Unicyclist
Techniques for Entering Bills & Chronological Map Order. Kurt
Month End Statistics. Mike R
Personal Milestones (added serial #s). Spencer (Team AQUA)

Other interesting profiles and links

Nice maps and profile links. Anthony
Nice stats layout. Aurora
Nice stats and cool WG songs. Beaker (Team AQUA)
Nice stats and maps. Darb
Great stats that are automatically updated - PHP link. DrASK (Team AQUA)
Stamp Wording. Frank
Excellent WG Analysis Tools Frank
Nice stats layout. Georgette
Nice stats and Combined Stats. IceBoySTears
Nice stats - WG Age Calculator. John of Howard Beach, NYC
Nice Sightings & Hit Map. John of Lower Merion
Cool charts - WG State/Province Rankings per Capita & Foreign ZIP Code Database. Lance
Former member of Team AQUA. Mitch [R.I.P] (Team AQUA)
Treasurer & Series Signature Table (When I cannot read the series on a very worn bill). MLM

Nice profile with different Maps notes.

Monkey Girl
Operation Area 51 - State Node Experiment managed by Beaker (Team AQUA).  A lot of time and energy went into the following pages at Operation Area 51 statistics. Operation Area 51
A nice clean profile that is coming along nicely.  I am so flattered that my profile has assisted in developing her profile, thanks again. P3 from Michigan
Informative Money Collecting Web Site (with Signatures (I don’t think Geocities supports image remote loading.  Please open a new browser window and paste in the browser address bar.)). Ser Gee
Great stats that are automatically updated - Great mouse-over county map breakdown. Single A
Directory of Where's George? Related Pages maintained by Slowpoke. Slowpoke (Team AQUA)
Nice Stats generation. Stayfloopy

Georgers who I have had the good fortune to have met (chronological order of meeting)

I met Angela and her hubby when they were visiting the Boston area.  She is the first Georger that I have met.  Very memorable.  B5311---0C Fogette (Team AQUA)
Cheryl received my bills at her work.  I may have started her on WG?  Finally, I met Cheryl at her job.  She was a pleasure to meet.  Talk about seeing someone excited when finding a Wild George! *smile*  BE758---89D Cheryl
While on a little road trip assisting my friend's band, JTB, I visited Biagio and Pino at 'Picasso Pizza' in Bethlehem, PA.  A1170---6B and C1970---2A Biagio & Pino the pizza man
I met Kay at her job - only to realize that, previously, we had been corresponding via e-mail.  She's very cool.  AF725---11D Kay
03/15/03 - WG Gathering - 99 Restaurant & Pub (Revere, MA)  (post with photo)  The gathering was very fun. *smile* Dave from Central MAss, DrASK, Erica, Hank, HMG (me), JasonKY in MA, & Nicholas
09/01/03 - WG Gathering - 99 Restaurant & Pub (Nashau, NH)  (post with photos)

Charlie, choo-chooman, Dave from Central MAss, DrASK, Hank, HMG (me), JasonKY in MA, Nicholas, Wildcat, & Zebeer

10/18/03 - WG Gathering - Picasso Pizza (Bethlehem, PA)  (post with photos)  Attendees post  John of Lower Merion's write up

(Please click on image to view a larger photo and write-up on a separate page.)

Artsygal, Aurora, Ava, Biagio, Casey, CMGeorger, Colleen S, dudcat, E=Mc², HMG (me), JasonKY in MA, jay e lynch, John of Lower Merion, JT From MD, Pino the pizza man, =^=ROY=^=, Say Goodnight Gracie, Scott From Philly, Skibibbles, StayFloopy, & XineGirl

It was a nice pleasure to meet Larry and his wife. Larry from Merritt Island

07/11/04 - WG Gathering - DrASK-B-Q (Lexington, MA)  (post with photos)

(Please click on image to view a larger photo and write-up on a separate page.)

Astro Stan, Cathleen, Charlie, Curtis, Dave from Central MAss, DrASK, E.carinata, Frank, Geoffri, Hank, HMG (me), jay e lynch, JJ, Larry from Merritt Island, Lew - The Illuminator, Mark - Ham Bone, Mike from Merrimack, Mr. Steelz, Nicholas, Ornoth, Pat, Princess Kitty, =^=ROY=^=, Say Goodnight Gracie, Scott From Philly, St124, Steve in MA, ~tasia~, thomas, Ügo, XineGirl, & Zebeer

Friends that I have introduced to Where's George

Dawga is a good friend and drinking buddy (who used to make fun of my marked bills) *laugh*


Peter is a old friend from college days (who should be more active w/ WG) *wink* Peter
WG Family Tree - Whose bill introduced whom to WG (with respect to me)

HMG's WG Family Report

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