WG Gathering - DrASK-B-Q - 07-11-04


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WG Gathering - DrASK-B-Q - 07-11-04

Georgers and Georgettes (from left to right / front to back)
Front Row: St124 (MA), Dave from Central MAss (MA), Hans M Guy - HMG in MAss (MA) (me), DrASK (MA) (our gracious host), ~tasia~ (MI) (kneeling), JJ (NJ),
 Say Goodnight Gracie (PA), & Pat (NJ)
Middle Row: Frank (TX), XineGirl (VA), Nicholas (MA), =^=ROY=^= (NY), Larry from Merritt Island (FL), Cathleen (NH), Don (NH), Steve in MA (MA), E.carinata (RI), & Mike from Merrimack (NH) (our excellent Bar-B-Q chef)
Back Row: Hank (MA), Charlie (NH), Ügo (RI), Curtis (NH), Ornoth (MA), jay e lynch (NY), Astro Stan (MA), Princess Kitty (CA) (our excellent hostess), Geoffri (RI), Scott From Philly (PA), Zebeer (VT), Lew - The Illuminator (CT), & thomas (MA)

Caren took the above photo with Frank (TX)'s camera.

Not Pictured: Caren (Mike from Merrimack (NH)'s wife & our excellent group photographer), Heidi (our chef's assistant), Lew - The Illuminator (CT)'s 2 guests, Mark - Ham Bone (ME) and guest, & Mr. Steelz (NH)

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