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Hans M. Guy Welcomes You!

Hello & Welcome.

If a stamped bill brought you here, thank you for entering our bill.  May we receive many more hits in the future?

I hope you find this hobby as exciting as the rest of us at the Where’s George (WG) community.  Hank has done a wonderful job here.

If this is your first visit to Where’s George, please Register  It’s quick and easy.  Registering will allow you to 1) add this bill to your account via the WG Lost and Found Department, 2) track your bill’s future entries via e-mail (and/or Wireless) notification; please go to Preferences and select the appropriate answer to the question: 'Send my Bill Hit notifications via:', and 3) allow you to edit your bill’s notes via Your Bills, indicating your acquisition and/or release of your bill.  Then you can create and update your own User Profile and request to be added to the WG Family Tree (more information below).  Please do not block Anonymous E-mail via Preferences.  I would like to thank for entering my bill. *smile*

Do you need something to do, while you wait for all those hits to roll in?  Well, here you go...  Make sure you review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), User Guidelines, and User Links.  Should you have extra time, you could review some past forum posts.  Use the forum Google Search engine to locate answers to previous discussed topics.  Common terms used at WG can be located at The Encyclopædia Georgetannica.  Frank's profile and Wosto's WG-Virtual Museum are valuable source of stamp information.

Oh, and if you have not already done so, please create a profile for yourself: User Profile.  Please correctly fill in the 'Home State' field ('home city' field is optional), which is used on profile reports: Tools/Fun / Most Popular User Profiles and Profiles by State.  Your information is safe (Privacy Statement).  You already entered in your zip code when you entered the bill.  Lastly, please visit the WG Family Tree site and send a link (URL) of your first bill entered to Beaker.  (WG Grandparents, WG Grandchildren, & HMG's WG Family TreeFOG members, for a detailed description of WG Parents and WG Children, please go to YOUR BILLS; then run either the Your Where's George? Parent or the Your Where's George? Children report and click on the 'Help with this page' link.  In advance, thank you very much. *smile*

Should you need assistance, please request them in the New User and Q+A Forum (please utilize the Google Search).  Numerous helpful Georgers will assist you, in the forums and via their profiles.  Some may think that my profile contains too much information.  As you will notice, I can get very lazy, and hate typing anything twice (including answers to commonly or repeatedly asked questions – but I like to help *smile*).  Located on my profile, you will find a credits page that lists other Georger's informative profiles.  If you still have questions or comments, please contact us via the Contact Us Form.

Please don't post the link to your profile in Main Public Forum; post it in the Hit Celebration! & User Profiles Forum.  The Main Public Forum (General discussion about Where's George?) is the most sensitive forum [we like to keep discussions on topic, there].  If a post does not refer directly to Where’s George, you will notice that many Georgers will redirect those questions to the appropriate forums.

You need not be discouraged by some Georgers who have a large number of bills entered and/or hits received.  WG does not have to be a competition against others, but with yourself.  Set and achieve your own personal goals.

Yes, and please remember our WG motto: Enter, Mark, Spend - (EMS)

Beaker's Archive on EMS

What keeps my anxiety level to a minimum is: "My interpretation of Where's George is to track where my bills HAVE GONE, not where I WANT THEM TO GO."

Best wishes handling/recognizing your new discovered Obsessive Compulsive Behavior (OCB) (smile).

Most of all, have fun!

Good Luck and Happy Georgering! (GL & HG!)

HMG in MAss,WG Bill Notes

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