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HMG Log File for Where's George & .

Completed Tasks

Date Event
08/15/03 I added WG Browser Problems.
06/02/03 I added SATS - WIHMGSA.
04/12/03 I added WG FAQs 2 and WG Bill Changed By Another.
02/02/03 I added What's Old?.
02/01/03 I added WG  m i t c h  Memorial Forum Links and Archives.
01/03/03 I added WG FOG 50 State Map Instructions.
10/18/02 I added WG Public Forum Links.
07/24/02 I reformatted the HMG WG website under using MS FrontPage.
10/28/01 I moved the web site from NBCI to Tripod.  I re-organized the directory structure and reflected changes in the links.  I removed the 'All Advantage' link.
11/03/00 I added Hits by State (drop down list) - Hits by State Chart (sorted by CO).
09/13/00 I added Breakdown by End of Month.
09/05/00 I added Breakdown by Month-End Stats.
08/12/00 To facilitate easier navigation, I have added to the top of each page, a link to the other pages (no longer being used - since I converted the website to MS FrontPage).
05/18/00 I moved Personal Statistics and Credits to their separate pages.
05/02/00 I added Glossary of Terms.
04/21/00 I added Other interesting profiles and links.
04/19/00 I added 'All Advantage' link.
04/05/00 I added Other Frequently Asked Questions.
04/02/00 I Removed the 'Page View Counter' from the Where's George profile.
03/31/00 I added In Closing.
03/31/00 I added Chronological order to The Few States that I have hits in.
03/28/00 I added Why I linked My Profile.
03/27/00 I modified Personal Statistics - Milestones to sort in descending date order.
03/27/00 I added Techniques for Marking Bills.
03/27/00 I added Techniques for Spending Bills.
03/27/00 I added Techniques for Entering Bills.
03/27/00 I added this page you are reading Log File.
03/27/00 I created Where's George a HTML template. 
03/22/00 I created Hans' profile on server.
03/05/00 I added Counter to Where's George profile.
Tasks To Do
Date Event
Date Event
03/28/00 I have to manually update the Hits by State Map on WG, the Personal Statistics - Milestones table, and the Personal Statistics - End of Month table.  Month End Statistics on 'Your Bills' is updated daily, but not on my profile - It is a static snapshot.

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