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I needed to update the TIGER MAP instructions.  Unfortunately, that forum is now closed, and I could not reply to it.  So, I have created this page to include the supplemental information.  Later (when I make the time) I will completely re-write the TIGER map instructions and continue to supply the related links below.  I hope this helps.  *smile*


URL Typo:

Regarding the link posted below, there is a typo in the URL.

tiger map... post - { Ed }.

Incorrect URL:
: http://tiger.census.go/cgi-bin/mapgen/.gif?lat=37&lon=-96.75&wid=48&ht=19&iht=350&iwd=550&murl=LOCATION_OF_YOUR_MAP

Correct URL:

The URL is “” – not “census.go” (sorry about that). *smile*


Web Forwarding MURL:

I have web URL forwarding set up on my website. is forwarded to .  I think TIGER has a problem with translating forwarded URLs.  (Maybe, I am just slow... and cannot figure it out? *smile*)  You may have to use the destination URL.

This is my map destination URL (the actual location) that works:

However, the forwarding URL does not work.  (No coordinates are mapped):


I use either,, (Canada), & ip2geo (International via IP Address) to locate latitude and longitude information.
For additional informational, please review: and my
TIGER input file: .

This is the thread that inspired this TIGER Map Instructions page: After getting 50 state bingo... by Sam The Sham  Search for "TIGER Map Starter Post *wink* (m)".


TIGER Map - Initial Hits for 50 State Bingo
(Please click above link to view international hits; 'minus sign' changes magnification view.)
(Please click on map to view on separate page.)

The above map was generated by the U.S. Census Bureau and The TIGER Mapping Service.

Good Luck & Happy Georgering!
HMG in MAss,

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